Ray Scott was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Jersey.  Ray’s life of volunteer service began while attending Taft College in 1980 and continues to serve in a leadership role as a board member of the Taft College Foundation.  During his service to the country as a Marine, Ray was recognized with the Navy Achievement Medal for actions in the Logistical Support Unit and served as the Exchange Operations Chief and Special Operations.


Ray has documented over 6,233 volunteer hours with 2,661 hours dedicated to Keep America Beautiful related activities in the past nine (9) years.  Ray is employed as the Administrator of Price Disposal since 2001.  Volunteer roles with Arvin Green Arts, McDonald’s E-Waste, Bakersfield Mayor’s GAC Committee, Kern Green Awards, and Greater Bakersfield Green Expo led to his appointment to Keep Bakersfield Beautiful and Keep California Beautiful Boards.  In 2013 Keep California Beautiful faced a possible shutdown due to lack of funding.  However, Ray assumed, as a volunteer, the position of Board President and Executive Director and was able to maintain the organization.  In addition, Ray serves as a volunteer and leader for the American Cancer Society, ACS Relay for Life, and numerous art and faith-based organizations.   In 2015, Ray received the President’s Volunteer Service Award – Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by then-President Obama.  With the success of the Greater Bakersfield Green Expo and Classroom Recycle Container Program, the local refuse and recycling haulers throughout Metro Kern County selected Ray as Chair for the Career Technical and Education (CTE) Committee.


Ray credits his AA degree and community service at Taft College as the catalyst that advanced his management career and expanded his efforts from local to national levels.  When asked to give advice to TC students, Scott said,

“…that internships, community service, and your degree will show that you have experience and will set you apart from the crowd.”


Ray noted,

“God gave me Taft College, which made the difference in the person I am today. Taft College Staff, Teachers, and Coaches gave me opportunities that educated me, engaged me and encouraged me to serve others.   Amen.”


Ray received his AA in Business Administration in 1982 from Taft College. One of his most memorable moments was being a part of the TC Associated Student government as the Treasurer for his two years. Also, being the co-Citizen of the Year for Taft Chamber of Commerce with his wife Deann Uhles, which was the first time there was a tie for this award. His wife was also with him during his two years at Taft College.


When diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and given 18-months to live, Ray once again demonstrated his strength and perseverance toward life.  As a cancer survivor for twenty-six years, Ray is dedicated to educating, engaging and encouraging individuals to improve their community through volunteer service.


Ray believes in recognizing the efforts of others and has submitted over 25 nominations for people and businesses in Bakersfield and the state for local, state and national honors, with 16 individuals and/or organizations receiving awards for their effort.


Ray created an E-Book which was made public on the Internet on November 1, 2018.  Entitled “What was Freely Given — Must be Freely Shared” documents an Ordinary Man Extraordinary God — 26 years of Living God’s Miracle.  The project was created to honor God and encourage ordinary people.  Ray believes God used Taft College for the foundation of his life.


The link is https://ordinarymanextraordinarygod.com/


November is a significant month in Ray’s life for several reasons.   It was the month he was inducted into the Marine Corps at Parris Island (11/15/83); the day God healed him (11/17/94), and his wife Deann’s birthday (11/7/62) culminating with the celebration of Thanksgiving.  Ray feels November is the perfect month to honor God for what he has done in his life.